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प्रारम्भिक शिक्षा शास्त्र द्विवर्षीय डिप्लोमा (डी.एल.एड.) (प्रथम वर्ष) परीक्षा, 2021

(New Syllabus)

English Language Proficiency & Pedagogy

Sixth Paper


Time: 3 Hours                                                 Marks: 60


(A) Question from 1 to 4 are multiple choice type questions. Each questions carries 1 mark. Attempt all questions.

(B) Questions from 5 to 14 are very short type questions. These are to be answered within a word limit of 30 words. Each question carries 2 marks. Attempt all questions.

(C) Questions from 15 to 18 are short type questions. These are to be answered within a word limit of 80 to 100 words. Each question carries 3 marks. Attempt all questions.

(D) Questions from 19 to 22 are long type questions. These are to be answered within a word limit of 200 words. Each question carries 6 marks. Attempt all questions.


1. Two persons are essential in-

(a) Notice writing

(b) poster

(c) message

(d) None of the above


2. Which of the following can be called 'A Global Language

(a) Russian Language

(b) French Language

(c) Tamil Language

(d) English Language


3. Identify the word with a different sounds.

(a) Class

(b) Clock

(c) Cell

(d) Client


4. Observed behaviors of the child is -

(a) Portfolio

(b) Projects

(c) Anecdotal record

(d) None of the above


5. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles 'a', 'an', the or zero (x).

(i) His father is …………….. farmer.

(ii) ……………….. little knowledge is a dangerous thing

(iii) I saw ………………. man in the market …....... man was a gentle man.


6. Use connectives in the following sentences and make one sentence.

(i) I saw.......... Agra fort. I saw ............. Fatehpur Sikri.

(ii) Sheela is a good player. Geeta is a good player.


7. Use prepositions in the following sentences.

(i) Distribute these toffees ……………… students.

(ii) A villager was sleeping ........... a tree in the forest.

(iii) A cloth is ................ the table.

(iv) She has been completing her work ........... morning.


8. What is the meaning of Evaluation.

9. What is CCE?

10. What is intonation?

11. What is local comprehension?

12. Give some names of audio visual aids.

13. What do you mean by over all proficiency?

14. When does a consonant become complete?

15. What are the causes of spelling error?

16. Define N.C.F. 2005 and the teaching of English.

17. What is the importance of teacher's motivation in learning?

18. What is the importance of mother tongue in teaching of English.

19. Write a paragraph "If I were the principle of School".


What is lesson planning. Describe the characteristics of a good lesson plan.

20. What is CCE. Describe the tools and techniques of CCE.


Define the meaning of syllabus. What are the guidelines for developing the syllabus.


21. Design an activity to teach basic punctuation. (Full stop, comma and question mark) to class V learners.


Write short note-

(i) Current position of English in India.

(ii) Functions of Language.


22. Define the word motivation. Why it is important for a teacher in teaching English.


What do you mean by evaluation? Describe in detail continuous and comprehensive evaluation.

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